Sam K steel , set up of american 9ft pool table.

Just a few photo’s a client has kindly sent me of a table I set up for him in his Garage workshop office as he like’s to call it
Photo 1 the frame assembled and level ready for slates
Sam k steel set up frame
The slates being put on the levelling pads that are then adjusted by spanner .
Sam k steel set up slates being placed on leveling pads
Next photo , the slates have been levelled and the joint filled with car body filler to make as one bed then all bed lightly sanded to remove any unwanted grit
Sam K steel assemble slates on level and filled
The finished table with original Red cloth re-fitted , some firms will try and get you to have a re-cover , it just depends if the cloth has been fitted correct and still enough to pull tight and refit , plus the old cloth has to be taken off very carefully .
sam k steel set up finished table
Many thanks to Steve for supplying the photo’s .

Sam K steels take expert trained fitters to set up , they are very complicated pieces of cue sports equipment , having hundreds of bolts and screws and all are vital to make the table spot on .
if you start to miss screws and bolts out of these type of tables , then they will never play right .
when buying one please make sure it is all complete .