Sam K steel pool table , re-rubber , re cover , attend to slate joints and check level .

Today we have been over to Edwalton in Nottingham
our work to day was to strip down the Sam K Steel table for re-rubber and -recover

as you can see the cloth was not in bad condition , but the rubbers where going hard and no rebound value in them at all ,
it was impossible to play the game with no rebound in the cushions .
To get at the rubbers the cushion cloth would have to come off so our client chose a full re-cover and re-rubber .
The table was purchased S/H but is one of the better conditioned ones probably private owned from new rather than one from say a bowling or working men’s club ,  apart from the rubber that should have been replaced the table was in extremely good condition .
the table was purchased for a firm in Leeds area some years ago .
When buying any second hand table always check the rebound value of the cushions .

top surround shroud off and cushions fully separated we take the cloth and rubber off the cushions .

As you can see the original rubber from new was still on the table and was deteriorating fast .

As you can see the old rubber that I am holding , and the new rubber just below hand attached and glued to the cushion alloy block .
the new rubber was supplied by the UK firm of Peradon .

to re-cover we used Strachan Super pro speed cloth a 70/30 mix of wool to man made fibers .
it is in my opinion the best speed cloth available .
Easy to form around difficult angles and pocket falls .

the finished table , new rubber , new cloth and slate joints re skimmed and sanded and check of level ready for play .

these solid steel framed American pool tables are manufactured in Spain , and are considered to be the best type to buy here in the UK .
they are over £4000 new today , but you can pick good second hand ones up from £800 on site as they are to £2000 renovated .
but if buying renovated always ask for new rubber .
the makers name plate , Sam Billiards , manufactured in Spain , but all spares available from UK stockist in Coventry .
so I do recommend these tables over any american Brunswick in the UK , which you may find hard to get hold of spares for .
I have had problems in the past getting hold of spares for the american Gold crown Brunswick , but find that a phone call to SAM in Coventry and they have the spares for Sam tables .

Please note ,  it is a two man job to even re-cover an american pool table as the heavy surround and skirting have to be taken off in one piece ,
and is too heavy and awkward for one man to do this  .
where a full size snooker table is only a one man job to re-cover .
therefore pricing to do any work on these type of tables always incur a two man day rate .