Riley 9ft x 4ft 6 inch Snooker table for sale in Esher Surrey, SOLD for just £400 !

Sold for just £4oo                      TABLE IS NOW    SOLD SOLD SOLD ! as of May 17th 2015

original advert


Price with all accessories    NOW REDUCED £500 ONO

We have a new Client who wishes to sell a nice modern Riley Genuine 3/4 sized snooker table
This leg design was introduced around the 1980’s , I think it was called the Aristocrat all though it is nothing like the more modern Aristocrat of later years.
I have worked on this design of table in the past , and it has a unique toe piece cover at the base of each leg which is sprayed gold .
This toe piece cover hides unsightly packing pieces that the Billiard fitter place’s under each leg to level the table , the round packing pieces are called Toe pieces hence the name Toe piece cover.
this cover slides upwards into a routed recess within the leg and slides down to the carpet or floor to give the table a much neater appearance .
I am sorry that we only have j.peg photo’s of the table at the moment , my client is going to send larger photo’s later , but I thought being as it is a 9ft and the sought after size I would get it listed as soon as possible.
9ft tables sell more quickly than full sized tables due to so many full size tables around for disposal and too few people requiring them and most people do not have room for one , but the 9ft and sometimes a 10ft are in more demand
therefore they do not stay advertised long , I expect this table to sell very quickly . So be quick if you require a quality made table like this one .
Riley Ronald 9ft whole table

Cloth may require a re-cover but this is down to any buyer if he needs it .
Riley 9ft ronald whole table 2
The table photo from a side view , this table would be light mahogany wood.
Riley 9ft ronald table with accessories
The sale of this table includes all the accessories you see on display , including an iron and Brush
Riley 9ft ronald cuerack full
the table comes complete with a free standing cue rack with all the cue’s
Riley 9ft modern scoreboard
This is the scoreboard that is with the Table
Riley Ronald 9ft whole table
the whole table , I have been informed that this table is a 5 section slate bed just like a full size table , normally 9ft tables have a three section slate
This makes the table ideal for an upstairs location as each section of slate weighs much less than a three section slate .

The table may require a re-cover ( buyers choice) and the wood looks a little faded at the window end , but at just £700 the seller has taken these things into account

this table when new would have been around £3000 fittted
Please note this table is made from Quality wood and slate , more modern tables made today are sourced from China and do not have the build Quality of this table both in materials used and quality of craftsmanship.
therefore we ask do not compere it with these lower Quality tables made in china , this table is a genuine Riley made in the UK .

Buyer is responsible for the removal of the table after payment , ( contact GCL billiards for a professional quote)

If  anyone is interested in the 9ft snooker table please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards
if you would like a price for collection delivery and set back up , then also contact Geoff at GCL billiards

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