Rex Williams Wille Holt Snooker table now in store for client in Ashbourne

Today we have been over to Kidderminster to dismantle and load a table that was bought new in January 1986 , it is believed that the table was played on by Rex Williams who’s daughter owned the house .
The snooker Room was in the back of the 3 car garage , so easy access to dismantle and load .
everything went OK , until I tried to remove the hidden knee panel inserts on each leg which hide the long frame bolt’s , these had expanded and where stuck solid, we had no choice but to inform our buying client of the problem and the way around this problem was to cut the panels by chisel to release the bond of the expanded panel  .
So the worse scenario is we have to make twelve inserts for the knee panels in mahogany when this table goes back together in it’s new home in Ashbourne Derbyshire.
The table was in fantastic condition  having no work done to it since the install New in 1986 and totally untouched  , only home use for 28 years and apart from the knee panel problem the table was a very good purchase .
An unusual leg design , this Wille holt table I think may be a 1 off , the serial number of the table being 159 / 1 , which I think means table number 159 design and number 1 in that design ?
I certainly have not seen another table either by photo or in the flesh with this table leg design .
If anyone can point me to another one then please inform us ?
here are a few photo’s of the dismantle load and store into a nice dry warm warehouse , where we think the table will be for around 5 to 6 months , this is because our buying client is just having his room built .
but he is safe in the knowledge that his table is stored correct in the right conditions , unlike some storage solutions which are damp and sometimes even wet with leaking roof’s and water running down the walls , GCL Billiards , will only use Dry storage from our storage partner Jonills Removals of Nottingham, who not only store the table but it is also covered by insurance while in their storage premises .
We do not charge any commission for Jonills storage you are charged by Jonills direct for the storage with proper invoicing monthly  , we would rather be safe in the knowledge that the clients goods are stored correctly and wrapped to the same code of practice as used by Home Removers and packers , and we have known Dave at jonills for over 30 years , and we know we are in safe hands .
we often recommend Jonills removals for house move’s and in return Dave use’s GCL Billiards as table fitters for any cuesports tables dismantle and assembly that he has to move within his normal business of house content moving.
rex 8 van outside property
rex 1rex 2re 3  15186rex 4 willie holt serial numberrex 5 willie holt badgere 6 on van slatesrex 7 fully loaded on vanrex 9 wrapped in wharehouse rex 10 in wharehouse shade