Rex Williams’ own table sold using GCL Billiards wanted web site advert

We were contacted by a client who was in a bit of a panic, it was the usual problem, a house sale and the new owners did not want the table.  So it had to be out within two weeks.

I only had one person looking for a full size table and in fact I had earmarked another two tables for him, but when I saw the photo’s of this table and the predicament that the seller was in, we just had to see if it was possible for our wanted client to see the photo’s and help the lady out by agreeing to purchase the table and arrange for GCL Billiards to remove it quick.  The seller was in panic mode.  Selling a house is one of the most stressful experiences so they say.  Lucky for me I have moved twice and part exchanged each time so have not had this experience yet.
Rex Williams table

As you you can see in the photo that Sarah sent me, it is a very unusual leg design, a Burnley Billiards Willie Holt made table.  I think circa 1960’s, but it may be a little earlier.
After dismantle , How wrong could I have been , the actual date on the slate is January 1986 and has Italian slate on the table . I would have sworn it had 1950s style to the legs , must have been a retro design they thought of introducing . the legs are almost arts and crafts design which is much earlier .
I have been informed by Peter (100 upper ) on the snooker forum it was called the Master Billiard table and was advertised in October issue of Pot black 1989 magazine on page 19.

Sarah the current owner  says the table was once owned by Rex Williams Daughter , the snooker and billiards professional who was a  regular player on the table when first installed.

Our Buying client Pierre liked the table so we put buyer and seller together they thrashed out a price, and we are to collect next week for Pierre.

I would like to thank Sarah and Pierre for using the GCL Billiards free to use buyer and seller windows on our web site and for trusting us to act for both, free of charge, in helping to find a buyer for this table.  We have been rewarded with the work of collecting from Kidderminster and storing in our dry furniture warehouse in Nottingham.  Then re-rubber / re-cloth and deliver and set up in its new room in Ashbourne.

It goes to show that using our FREE to list table seller or wanted table sections can result in things working out.  If it’s not in the shop window or we do not know you want a table then we cannot do much for you, but if you use our FREE service then things can happen as has been proved many times in this service from 3/4 sized tables to full size we have helped move a few on this past year.

GCL Billiards is quickly becoming the place to advertise your snooker or pool tables.  We offer a better FREE service than Ebay or Gumtree, NO CHARGES and it is a cue sports site getting many hits from cue sports enthusiasts.  Our for sale section is often viewed by people scrolling through our web site content.  Make sure your advert for sale or wanted is in there next time they drop by for a look.