Repeat work in Leicestershire for local club with 5 full size snooker tables to re-cover in Strachan 6811 tournament

This is the third time I have visited this club to Re-cover their Full size snooker tables
they seem to suffer cushion cloth split after around 18 months of use and play for 6 months with split cushions ?   , and after some research I found it was down to meticulous cleaning  of the tables , not really  bad thing as it is very hard to fine people so enthusiastic to look after club tables .
Just a little guidance on the cloth splitting  , and how it was happening and a simple adjustment of less pressure to the brush at the cushion angle is all that is required
ivanhoe split cloth cush 1 ivanhoe split 2
I have got to know the person who cleans the tables very well and I have given him a new Pure Bristle Brush to replace the badly worn one so that this prevents the wood of the brush making contact with the cloth on the cushions .
this and the sharp angle of rubber is what was the cause .
I have sanded the angles a little too , a slight rounding off of the sharp edge will also help prevent cloth splitting of cushions .
Ivanhoe finished table ivanhoe new pocket leather and net
The main room , 5 Riley Imperial Snooker tables Circa 1930s ? with New Cushions fitted by Riley Services in the 1990’s
this Venue is very well used and believe it or not snooker is less than £2 per Hour . the table’s get re-covered every 2 years for that and I always replace on one of the tables with new nets and leathers every time I visit .
Thus the nets and leathers are also kept to a reasonable standard of maintenance .