Removal company use GCL billiards to dismantle American pool table

We are used by a three  removal firms in the Nottingham and Derby areas to work on any large cue sports tables that they cannot and do not have the experience to work on dismantling and erecting .
Today we where called in as their client has had serious damp issues and the whole room is to be re tanked to stop dampness coming through the plastered walls.
The table was a rare 8ft American pool table , Titan being the brand name , But we did spot some issue’s with the table , the slate looks like it is not fitted correctly to the table and the corner pocket falls are not cut correct , three cushion bolts missing and one pocket Allen bolt missing , also loose cloth on one cushion , and the adjustable feet are not working correct .
Titan 8ft dismantle doree boner
The table during strip down
Titan 8ft dismantle staples right on end of cloth
We where being asked to refit the cloth on this table when it goes back up in December , but there is no spare cloth as the previous fitter has not left much cloth on to grab hold to stetch it back on , we have suggested a new cloth on the set up .
Titan 8ft dismantle odd pocket fall shape
Some very odd pocket fall shapes , I have never seen one cut like this before , I think Ray Charles did it?
Note also the holes have been slotted to the right of this pocket to try and match up with the bolt holes in the underside of the cushion , which they have failed again , the 3 bolts that where missing out of the cushion was missed out because they did not align up . some work has to be carried out on this table to make sure all the bolts align up , one cushion has just one bolt holding it on when it should have had three ?
Titan 8ft dismantle damaged leg cracked
the legs where also showing signs of damage , at each end of the leg the Formica is supposed to bend around when glued on , this leg shows it is under so much pressure that it is trying to bend back off the wood and has cracks appearing in it . the feet where just jammed in and had no adjustment to them at all , how they managed to level it is a mystery .
This is just the sort of work that SPEED fitters do , they are in so much of a hurry to get as much done in one day they cut corners , looking at the corners of this table they did not hang around !
Titan 8ft dismantle cloth loose on cushion
This photo of the cushion shows loose cloth coming out of the cloth retaining slip , another speed fitter not making sure the retaining slips are tight and holding the cloth in secure.
Titan dismantle table down in parts
The 8ft titan American pool table fully dismantled and ready to be wrapped by Removal firm for loading , I have advised for the table to be recovered , I have priced it up and have been told they may have someone else who can do it at a lower price ? , my rates are the going rate for this type of table using quality cloth and the work will be done correct and some of these faults sorted out during assembling it back up.
although I got the impression they where comparing my prices up against a normal uk7ft pool table with the sort of prices they where saying to me. this is an American pool table with three section slate bed not a one piece lift out and glue cloth on like a uk pool table .
I have posted these photo’s as a warning that not all firms are craftsmen when it came to quality , you can clearly see all,the faults with the table from these photographs .
As for prices on recovering , you get what you pay for as they say.