Full size snooker table relocated from Yorkshire to Oxfordshire for the Army

I am used to working for the many armed forces, I have worked in Army, Airforce and Navy bases around the UK.

For the past two days we had the pleasure of collecting a table from far up in West Yorkshire where the snow was still causing chaos with roadblocks.  We had to detour 40 miles in order to get to our location and remove the full sized snooker table.  Who would have believed we still had that much snow laying on the ground, but we were at a high point.

We were thankful that the access to the room was direct from the drive through double doors which made the dismantle and loading only a 2 hour job.

On the way back we came upon another problem, FIRE!  The road between Manchester and Sheffield was closed, but we just managed to get through before they stopped all traffic.  The fire was caused by a passing motorist who flung his lighted cigarette out of the window.  The lower ground had dried out and so the bracken had caught fire.  Talk about one extreme to another – snow then fire!

The next day we set off early from our Nottingham base towards Arncot Army Barracks for the bomb disposal and training unit.  We had an appointment with Mike at the newly built officers mess for the installation of this donated table which is in very good condition.  I think the table is a George Wright with readed legs.  The owner of the table donated it to the Army for use in the Officers’ mess and they are highly delighted with it.

Just look at the following photographs of the table to see why they regard the table so highly.
Bomb table
The table during installation.  Just one more slate to get off the van.  These were very heavy quality Welsh slates.
Bomb table 3
The finished table, truly in imaculate condition having had a complete refurb by the owner only last year.
bomb table 2
The woodwork was also in very good condition, not a mark on it.  The readed legs are typical George Wright design circa 1900/1910.

GCL BILLIARDS are specialists in moving full sized snooker tables throughout the UK.  The table was delivered over two days, from collection, dismantle, load to deliver, unload and set up.  No fuss, just a complete service from A to B, set up, level and ready for play at a competitive rate.