Referrals for pool and snooker table re-covering . Jezza’s table from Newark area .

We get plenty of referrals from people recommending GCL billiards
one such person who recommends us is Jules Goodyear of Newark cue club
so it was no surprise when Jezza a regular player at Newark phoned me up to book his own table in for a re-cover in Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz cloth
Now I have worked in jezza’s cabin before but not for Jezza as he had bought the entire Cabin and table from another Newark pool player  Dan Heath .
but this Supreme winner 7ft  table was bought by Dan just before he sold the cabin due to a house move, I had not actually seen this table before .
jezza winner table log cabin strip down
so arrived and cushions off and the strip down begins , I had not worked on this particular table in the past so gave a few hints to improving the table
jezza cushions stripped red rubber found
cushion stripped down , every staple taken out , although the cushions has supple rubber it was the old red rubber that Supreme used to use
this has a habit of going rock hard , it may start with just one cushion or part of one cushion , but this red rubber gives no warning and it could solidify next week or next year it happens that quick when it decides to harden .
Northern rubber the old stiff rubber
here is a photo showing the red rubber from another table ,as you can see I can hold it out like a stiff stick
the black rubber is new and just bends , so going forward try and make these cushions last a year then on next re-cover have brand new black rubber cushions fitted .
jezza cloth glued on bed
after stripping the cushions down I attend to the slate bed prepare the surface and get off any old glue on the playing surface area
glue to outer edge of slate and 1/2 inch on top which is under cushions to give more contact Glue down area .
then glue to underside of new cloth outer edges and pocket area’s.
the old cloth is laid over to protect the nex cloth at this glueing stage .
jezza table fully re-covered
the finished table re-covered in Strachan 6811 tournament cloth 30 oz grade .
Newark 6811 tournament cloth 30 0z on pool tbales
as can be seen we use genuine Strachan 6811 tournament cloth for what call our top clients choice .
this cloth to play well has to have a well kept brushing and ironing regime every 10 hours of use .
some club’s go for much thinner finer cloths and do not brush and iron as much as you need to when you have this slightly thicker cloth on
the reason I recommend this grade and make of cloth is because it will last and it will wear well , it is not by accident that Strachan is used by the governing body of snooker on the majority of their tournaments .
fitting thinner faster cloths , maybe good from the first cueing of a ball , but I can guarantee they will not last as long as this cloth
If you ,maintain Strachan 6811 and brush and iron every 10 hours of use as recommended by the manufacturer then this cloth gets fast as it wears in .
you cannot have thin cloths and durability , but if asked I will re-cover in Hainsworth Precision or match but this cloth is more costly and the benefits are not any better than useing 6811 tournament in my opinion , and also the players of Newark Cue clubs opinion after many years of useing this grade of cloth they would not use any other .
jezza checking and adjusting level
Jezza’s table finished re-covered and ironed and level ready for use .
the only other improvement I would recommend is to replace the older smooth ball runners inside for slotted type as bounce back onto table can occur with smooth runners .
Winner supreme old type hard smooth ball rails
older smooth ball runs tend to have bounce back up of ball dropping onto this flexible shiny surface , these will normally crack with age
winner supremem new type ball rails with allen screw and recess
a more modern ball run , the slot is extended right up to there the ball falls in , and you can see the allen key screw head where it fixes onto table .
these are the type we recommend to have fitted as an upgrade, balls tend to stay down on these ball rail runners .