Recover of Full size snooker table in nottinghamshire Club.

A new client that was let down from their usual Billiards and snooker contractor not showing up .
We where very pleased to get this local club into our portfolio of local club’s for regular work .
We know the importance of securing local work before moving onto work further afield .

The table is a Karnheim & Hillman tulip leg manufactured around the late 1980’s .

Eastwood C table 1
There was a problem on this table , in that the slate joints would not align up good , we had to feather the slate joints to make good for no joints to show through the cloth .
We achieved this by skimming the joints with soft sand car body filler , then sand with a block of wood to feather the filler to a fine edge .
just like what a car body restorer would do if you had a dent that was pulled out , he would fine fill then feather sand the edge into the bodywork for a seamless finish .
Above you can see the filler has been applied and is now curing before it was sanded out .
Eastwood c table 1 finished
The finished table , Brushed and ironed and not a slate joint in sight!
The committee where delighted as they have had a problem with the slate joints for years with no solution to a fix .
Eastwood c tables covers 1 & 2
They where that delighted that they bought two Peradon fitted Dust covers from me .
I also pointed them them in the direction of New lighting which they bought direct from the wholesaler and then got me in at a later date to help put them up .
the new lighting uses 4 x 58 watts high frequency tube lights = 232 watts per table . and just £2 per tube if one went
The old lighting , which where recessed spot lights 8 per table and 150 watts a screw in bulb  =  1200 watts per table and the bulbs where £7.50p and not available locally .
As you can see the saving on electricity was Huge  at nearly 1000 watts used per table more , it was like having an Electric fire on !
the cost of the new lighting and labour to fit will be clawed back in saved Electricity within a year easy .