Really bad Billiard table with bad cracked slat bed and odd slates in Leicestershire , but I managed to get it playable for our client

We had a job on the other week where a table had been set up and the slates banged on top of the frame by removal men
My task was to go over and level the table and fit the original bed cloth and put back together ready for play by my clients children
they did not require a re-cover due to the fact that children where going to be the main players of the 9ft table.
Melton 9ft bad slates with crack
this was how I found the table , so I started to try and level it .
Melton 9ft bad crack in slate bed
on the baulk end of the table the end slate had a diagonal crack that had been badly repaired , there was a high ridge in the slate on this crack .
Melton 9ft  bad crack in slate from edge
the repair that the last firm did from the side of the slate , not very good
Melton 9ft bad slates one thicker than the other
we also found that the slates where odd slates , one was thicker than the other , I had to pack under one slate to bring it upto the same level as the next slate then filled the joint in .
they had taken out the brass connecting dowels that are set inside each slate joint , and they had just tried to blend them in , but not to a good standard with another ridge in the slate at the joint .
Melton 9ft bad crack filled in and joints
the table has been levelled , the crack filled and blended in and also the slate joints .
Melton 9ft bad bed cloth faded and worn
if you thought the slate was bad look at the state of the bed cloth
Melton 9ft bad table finished with cushions back on
the table now finished with the cushions back on , and I must say I surprised myself that it went back together not only ok , but pretty good for level too .
the room is a children’s play area , and although the adults will play the odd game this table was for children’s use , so they did not want to go to the expense of a new cloth at this stage