Re-stretching Bed cloths on Snooker tables

We are re-visiting clients who 12 months ago had a re-cover from GCL billiards
We are now re-stretching the bed cloths and then checking the level of the table , last week we visited two private houses with different Snooker rooms .
The first was a Log Cabin in the garden  of one house .
linc log cabin side of
An internal measurement of 29ft by 17ft makes this log cabin not just a games room or man cave but also a place to relax in .
It stretches from around 12ft to spare at the bottom of the Garden to just 1 metre from the house at the other end , they do have a bit more Garden to the left side of this photo above.
linc log cabin end to house
A huge log cabin which I was informed cost around £6000 flat packed including base , by the owner.
linc log cabin table
The middle internal side strengthened walls  do encroach into the side of the table and a short cue is used at that point if it is an obstacle for cueing , a small price to pay to get a full size snooker table in . so we advised that the Baulk ( D end ) was placed at that end , and the business end black red etc kept free from obstruction .
linc log cabin lights new
the log cabin could not have the old coffin shade installed due to low roof level , but the new office type high frequency lighting is much better for it .
Our client was away in Germany when we did the re-stretch but his Partner let me in to do the work .
Our second job that day was a different type of table and room , also note the same type of High Frequency lighting above this table too !
linc brain cush off
After the log cabin with temperatures of 30C , it was nice to work in an Air conditioned room especially built for this Antique table.
linc brain level o.o linc brain level 0.1
I had a little problem with the level being out on this table due to settlement of the building , surprising the log cabin table had not moved out of level as much as this one
I spent over 1 hour levelling this table , and eventual got the result that I was after , the electronic level I used as well as the engineers metal level shows the spot on figure I was after , the table is 0.0 , place a £20 note under one end and it read 0.1 , this table is within the thickness of a £20 all over it’s slate bed , mostly 0.0 and only the odd place where it is 0.1 .
Now that’s being picky !

linc brain finished table

If you have a table that is playing slow , cloth can be moved by fingers bridging onto ball and is also out of level , then maybe you require a re–stretch of bed cloth service visit from GCL billiards