Re-stretch two full size snooker table bed cloths at local club in Derby.

We have just re-stretched and serviced two full size snooker table’s in Derby
This is a follow up procedure approx 12 months after the Re-cover to make sure the tables are playing fast the cloth is taken off and re-stretched back onto the table , the Baulk line is faded back and new Baulk line and spots are replaced
we then check the level and adjust if necessary .
linc brain cush off
I did forget to take my Camera to the Derby Club , but here is a photo of a table bed cloth I re-stretched in Lincoln
WBCC stetch baulk line
the faded back Baulk line , we use acetone to try and make the line fade even more , but sometimes if the owner has marked out in felt tip rather than pencil it cannot be taken out completely
acadamy getting table level
we always check the table for level on any major work , such as a re-cover or a re-stretch of bed cloth
Please note we can only get level 100% if the slate bed is ground and hand floated level and is well supported by the under frame muntins , if you have a table that has a fault in the slate such as a dip or uneven hand floating then this cannot be got out unless you have a very expensive re-float of the slate beds which mean the slate’s will have to be sent off to have this done , or re-place the slate’s , we also can do a modification to the under frame supports and add adjustable Brackets to support the slate , this we have done on a few clients tables .
Adjustable muntins K&hillman 2
muntins fitted adjustableAdjustable muntins K&hillman