Re-starting the Pool table rentals again…after lock down and closure of Pubs & Clubs.

When the pub’s & clubs closed under Covid 19 regulations in mid March . ( 22nd March )
We where very quick off the mark to stop charging for our pool tables that we have in many venues around Nottingham & Derby .
we have not charged any rental income  in our none opening venues for the last 4 months .
Now the Government has issued the guidelines of certain sports games including POOL TABLES  being ALLOWED to be PLAYED ON as the pub’s are also allowed to re-open  .
under strict Covid 19 preventative measures , we are now restarting the rentals on our tables from Friday the 17th of July onward’s .

As you can appreciate we have not been earning any money off our rentals side of the business and had a very rough time on the fitting side of the Snooker & Pool table maintenance
It was always going to be a difficult decision on when we start to charge again .
So we will charge half a month for July as we did in March when we only charged half a month for that month when we issued the none charging during closed down of business .
add the full months of  April /May and June and you can see we have not taken any rentals income for 4 full months .
We feel we have been very fair with what we have done , we did not wait to be told by our clients we acted because we thought it was the correct thing to do .
We hope all our rental clients see it the other way around as start to charge again .
I know from personal experience of being around the clubs pubs and private dwellings and Facebook pages and snooker and Pool table social media pages ,  that Pool players are chomping at the bit to get back playing in the pubs and clubs .
which is good news for the Pub trade and good news for us pool table rental operators .
We hope the landlords play their part in keeping the equipment and table surround disinfected on a regular basis as in guidelines laid down by the Government .
and we will be around to start the re-clothing process if you are due a re-cloth .

Do not overcrowd the tables or stand close together .

But here are a few pointer s on what could be done to stay within the guidelines
Try and play in threes with one designated ball racker and cue ball retriever , while the others 2 are the players .
there is no need for players to touch the balls this way .
After each game disinfect the cue ball and wipe the top flat surface of the table surround down .
at the end of the night disinfect all the balls and the table playing cushion surround and chrome corner pockets .
all cues rests too disinfect .
Players to play with own cues where possible
If using pub rack cues wipe down each time a change over of player is done .
use your own chalk .
Disinfect the coin mech after each coin inserted .
stay away from each other by at least the length or width of the table , and do not shake hands .
Hopefully when we find a preventative measure all will get back to normal in our pubs & clubs , if you need anything just contact Geoff at GCL billiards .