Re-rubber of pool table cushion using Black rubber , are your cushions hard or too soft ?

I have been very busy recently offering a re-rubber service of pool cushions .
Many pool tables have the red rubber which quickly turns soft then rock hard and starts to crack .
the problem is the red dye in the rubber makes the rubber turn by Ozone attack , black rubber tends to resist Ozone deterioration much better
you can read more about Ozone rubber deterioration here

re-rubber of pool cushions to black rubber
Although the red rubber on this clients set of cushions had not gone Hard , they had started to lose their rebound value .
the old set of Red/pink s been taken off , the new set of rubber glued shaped and end pads refitted , ready for a new re-cover in Royal blue Strachan super pro pool cloth .
Northern rubber the old stiff rubber
an example from a past re-rubber , the red rubber is that hard and stiff it is like a piece of wood , the black rubber is floppy ,
click on the photo to enlarge to see that the red rubber is also cracking
long Bennigton rubber off

another set of cushions stripped of rubber ready for the new Black rubber to be applied.
If you have a table that has lost it’s bounce or the cushions feel hard , it may be that just one or even half of one cushion has gone hard .
You have to replace all 6 cushions as the other 5 will not be far behind .
Contact Geoff at GCL billiards for a complete refurb of your pool cushions and cloth .