Re-Install full size snooker table after flooding , in Nottinghamshire

We have just completed the re-install of a full size Riley Aristocrat that we had put into store for a client while their flooded Snooker room was dried out .
The village of Gotham suffered from flash flooding during the summer and our clients Snooker room at the bottom of his garden was effected.
Steve's flooded back garden and snooker room .
Our clients insurance firm quickly sprung into action with pumps and drying out equipment
and we where instructed to dismantle the table and take it into storage .
the table was only effected by 1/2 inch of water so the three to four months it was in storage was enough to dry the bottom of the legs out without any damage to the wood work or polish .
otherwise it could have been a full replacement of table .
so on this visit we find that the room had been fully dried out and the fitting of new carpet and decoration also carried out .
above the frame being assembled .
the frame fully assembled and the leveling taking place with round toe pieces placed under each leg of different thicknesses  .
the slates have been placed back on , the final level and the slate joints blended in with car body filler .
the damp environment meant that once the old bed cloth had been taken off it would shrink during the process of storage
once shrunk it would not fit back onto the table , so our client instructed us to re-cover the table with new Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz cloth .
above the cloth being tacked onto the bed of the table to the under surround wood tack lining .
a close up of the very nice oak woodwork of this Riley Aristocrat .
not many oak ones around , most are made from mahogany .
the finished table ready for play .
looking more like it now Steve .
I love working on this table , and I use the photo’s of it regular when people ask to see what a Modern Riley oak Aristocrat looks like .