Re-cover Winner supreme pool table in Strachan cloth in Nottingham Factory Canteen .

Another Supreme winner 7ft pool table for GCL billiards to re-cover .
This one having been on site for 3 years without a re-cover and had been used by both day and night shift on a regular basis , so it was no surprise that the cloth was well worn and had holes in it.
Gas winner old black cloth

The old black cloth is grey in places it had been used for 3 years from brand new table being installed.
Again we found that the slate had over spray around all the pockets , this had to be removed with Acetone before we started the recover , also the inside of the table under every ball run , there was a mountain of black cloth and chalk dust .

Gas winner black dust inside

We cleaned out the tale and washed the ball run’s , this will stop any ball’s sticking , something the speed fitter would never do , so make sure if you have a pool table that the firm who is doing the work , will clean out the table too , as it is probably the only time the slate will be moved to one side for maintenance . It only takes around 15 minutes to do the internal clean out and the customer can see the work has been done to a high standard.
Gas winner slate showing all pockets overspray
Again we come across the over spray of glue problem , look at the corner pockets to see Glue and old stuck on residue of black cloth , if this is not removed as some speed fitters leave it on , then you would have a problem with balls roiling off or stopping as they slow down towards the pocket fall .
Gas winner finished in green

We also as part of this service Re-tipped 4 cue’s supplied 6 chalk and a set of ball’s , we recommend that the table is recovered every 12 months at least.
If you have a Pool or Snooker table that require’s work and you want the same care and attention to detail that a fully skilled Billiards fitter is trained to do .
Then get in touch with Geoff Large at GCL Billiards on mobile 07753466064 or email