Re-cover pool table near Spalding Lincolnshire at Fishing lakeside club

Today I have been out to Spalding in Lincolnshire , I was booked to do a re-cover in 6811 pool cloth on a 7×4 supreme winner pool table .
the venue was a fishing lake club and caravan park site.
I noticed that the cushions where going spongy so after a discussion with the owners it was decided that they upgrade to include a Brand new set of cushions supplied direct from the supreme Factory , these are not the low cost options you can buy on ebay , but Genuine supreme winner and prince cushions made  by supreme with high quality rubber used , they also come with a new set of fixing bolts .
Spalding lake club table apart
I also took my time and made sure the table had a full service
spalding lake club clean inside table
The inside of the table was vacuumed out , and all ball rail runs and center section washed out with warm soapy water , and allowed to dry out .
I did this before i did the re-cover to allow for it to dry .
spalding lake club clean tray
the side ball tray was given the full works of de-clogging all the grease and grime and dust and chalk build up , this was very bad and it was almost impossible for the balls could even roll down the tray
the last person to re-cover the table did not do this so it was a double dirty one to sort out  notice I got right into the flip out ball tray with the cloth .
Spalding lake club finished winner
the finished table . one of the legs had a none adjustable broken stripped thread foot , so we made this one leg the  high point and used the other feet to level the table up to that level , the slate had a dip in so we used strips of cloth on the support bars to take this bow out , the owner was most impressed in the way we went about the work and was highly delighted with the finished table
I suspect the foot was broken when the balls got stuck on all the grease and clogging of runners , to free the ball they lifted the table up and banged it back down stripping the thread on the adjustable foot.
So be aware make sure you have the table fully cleaned out , if they had done this last time that foot would have been undamaged !
GCL billiards will always do the work to a high standard , improving the tables play ability in the process , to the point you would not want another firm touching the table when it come’s to maintenance such as this .
Please contact Geoff at GCL billiards for your table to get the same treatment .