Re-cloth full size Riley Aristocrat in Hainsworth Match cloth , and impressive Man Cave .

I have been over to Beeston the next main town from me to re-cloth a table I put in two years ago at the start of this man cave , I also supplied the supreme Prince pool table to him as well as the Riley Aristocrat pro steel cushioned  full size snooker table , located through our private sales program and this web site  .

This full size  table is located in a warehouse upper floor area where the owner has created a very enviable Man cave ,
together with Pool table air hockey football table and table tennis table ,  a gym weights  , video machines with twin seats pinball , table tennis and a very impressive golf range video range game using real clubs and balls .

I am not going to say where the warehouse is located for security and customer client confidentiality .

but just look at the photo’s who would not want something like this .
First of all how the table was re-clothed

Steel cushions on the this top of the range riley Aristocrat , cushions being stripped and re-clothed .

the bed cloth off to reveal the slate bed sections 5 in total , and a taster to the games my client has to choose from in his man cave is in the background .

cloth of choice for our client is the expensive top of the range Hainsworth match on the bed with Hainsworth smart on the cushions for best ware and tear .

not the best cloth to fit for inexperienced people you can rip it easy if you are not careful  ,
you have to be very careful especially around the centre slate falls and use G clamps on this cloth .

Bed cloth marked out with D and baulk line and spotted , Ironed and now the cushions being aligned back up before torque  tightening of bolts .

the finished table , level checked and one net replaced .

and just some photos of the other games on offer in this man cave .
a Genuine Brunswick Shuffleboard around 12 to 14 foot long , I did not measure it .

Sam Air Hockey table .

Sega multi game video in foreground , Pinball and twin race video games in corner

Football table

and an impressive Driving range with large video projector above .
Add to this a table tennis table and a 7ft pro series Supreme Prince pool table
and as you can see a really enviable Man Cave has been produced here by the owner .