Probably the best ornate full size billiard table available for sale in the UK

No exaggeration here this is probably one of the best ever carved tables to be sold in the UK
not often seen on the market as a private sale, but more often in expensive London Auction houses or high end Billiards retail outlets. It would not look out of place in Harrods.

This very ornate Billiards table by the well known Manchester billiards firm of Orme & Sons is available for sale through GCL Billiards.

The table is a private sale and is located near to Lichfield and Rugeley in the West Midlands for viewing to serious buyers only.

The table is for sale at £25,000 which for such a bespoke item direct from the owners, no middle men fees, no auction premiums, it is a very reasonable price for such a fine billiard table, which you would rarely see come onto the market especially in this renovated condition.  In a top end billiard firms ownership it would be well into the £40k mark.

Ok you will have to arrange dismantle and relocation and set back up.  GCL Billiards will quote you for this work if you provide a full address including post code and if it is on the ground floor at the buyer’s address with no stairs.

This table is being sold from the ground floor also, so no problems for collection.

WARNING this table move will require a full large size removals lorry. A normal 35cwt van would not be large enough or offer good protection to the dismantled table and would be overweight.

Our advice is that a time served billiards fitter must be part of that removals package on dismantle and install, which would be an extra costing on top of any purchase price.

Our small 35cwt van is ok for a standard leg low end table, but not this highly carved high end table it would be too small and overweight.

But I will accompany any removals firm.  I work closely with a local Nottingham removals firm that would have a large enough lorry to carry this table and in well wrapped conditions.

Please study the photos of the table.  I am about to find out what is currently being sold with the table accessories wise, as the previous owner also has a lot of billiard room photos and paintings and collectables that are being sold separately.

Please note all those wall decorations are not with the table, neither is the light fitting.  I will find out about the scoreboard, cues, balls and other accessories, which I think should be included.

Orme and Sons Beaufort model table, top of the range in 1905, only a few were made and some had different carvings to the legs.  So carving wise there may be a one-off design to each table.

Orme & Sons catalogue advert for the Beaufort table no 682 design (circa 1909)

The cloth is as new.
Nice light to medium oak polish to cushions.

Just look at the ornateness and solidness of those legs and panelling friezes. Fine Edwardian craftsmanship at its very best.

Another view of the whole table so you can take in what fine craftmanship went into manufacturing it.
A fine piece of furniture and talking point to any country home or large town house.
I do not know who purchased the table from new, but whoever it was, they wanted to make a statement when they commissioned this table to be made.

More light to show the carvings.
Note the bag nets, this table was manufactured when billiards was the no. 1 game.
It would be a shame if someone had fitted ball rails and ball hole nets on this table.
Original design new nets and dark stained leathers complete the original look of the table.
I also like the way they have stained the carving areas to show that part off.
Again they wanted you to notice the workmanship of the carvings.

You want a closer look at that leg carving?

Pocket opening showing no track lines and therefore the cloth is as new, so it will not require a new cloth unless you want to have one fitted.
No description available.
Rare model life pool scoreboard also included.  Balls, cues and rests confirmed.
It looks like this is the original scoreboard also made by Orme & Sons that came with the table from new in the very early 1900s.  Very unusual to see that the number roll bars are operated from two knobs on the front and the green is also unusual to find.

If you would like more information on the table please contact Geoff at GCL Billiards.


I will pass on any genuine enquiries to the owner.