We are now finding that there will be considerable price increases in the cue sports billiards trade .
not only in materials and postage and overhead costs , but also in Wages .
add to this the current fuel increases and the cost of running a vehicle .
and to show you one example of price increase here is one we received from Heywood pool , the manufacturers of the leading Supreme pool range of tables .

Dated 9th March

to GCL billiards

We hope this letter finds you well

The unprecedented price of raw materials , services and commodities has continued to spiral
upwards for the past 12 months and looks to show no signs of stability in 2022

In addition to the sharp rise in general operating and material costs costs the Government has also
announced from the 1st of April , there will be a 6.6% rise in the national living wage plus a rise in Employer National insurance contributions.

We are sorry that it is necessary to increase our prices

Going forward our price list will be re evaluated every 60 days and prices may be subject to further increases throughout the year .

As our lead time is quite extensive ( maybe up to 4 to 6 months waiting time ) prices will be confirmed at time of manufacture and not at order date .

We are confident that we have done everything we can to remain competitive in the current market

Kind regards

Heywood Pool

As you can see you can order a pool table at the current prices , but by the time the table is put into manufacture the price may have increased twice depending on lead time .
now we also at GCL Billiards will be putting the 6.6% wage increase , and also the increase of our operating costs , I’m afraid you are going to see in all industries price increases and cost of living spiralling up until we get some stability .
Coming out of the EU , Covid , and now the war in Europe is effecting prices, not only of oil and gas ,
but also we are looking for other suppliers who we would not normally deal with , because of costings or low on stock and this is the only way to get stock in ..
I will try and keep costs low and always look for the best way to buy materials in , but sometimes price is the key to getting work in , I will not cut corners and supply inferior cloth or goods , so be prepared to see some fluctuations of costings and estimates across the range of work we do .
and also goods not readily available off the shelf , and a lead time estimate given .
try and not ask for special edition colours of cloth, keep within Green and there should be no problem .
some different colours are available at the manufacturers such as Hainsworth in their smart cloth grade , but I am getting a lot of disappointed clients who think they can order special edition colour chart cloths and it be in stock straight away within a few days when in reality it could be a couple of months for that special edition red or orange or grey cloth as an example .
little things like a set of moulded leathers not being in stock can hold a job up too .
or Northern rubber stock .
since we came through covid none of the manufacturers are operating at full production and this is why sometimes there will be some parts hard to get hold of .


Geoff Large
NBSA approved billiards fitter
Hainsworth fit list approved Fitter