Pool tale re-cover from speed to napped cloth for Rugby Player

I met a very large Samoan Rugby player the other day who plays rugby for Leicester Tigers .
Now I’m a big guy at 6ft 2 inch but this Samoan Rugby player nearly crushed my hand when we met .

my work was to replace the speed cloth on his pool table to a napped cloth ,
he did not like the table being so fast and preferred playing on napped Strachan pure new wool cloth .

I had called in the previous day to bring his cushions home with me and I stripped and recovered the cushions at home in the evening ,
as I was in the same village working on a full size snooker table for a friend of his , and pulled this work in at the same time .
with cushions now re-attached to upper frame all I had to do was re-cover the slate bed .
and level once fitted back together .

The table is a DPT make

once back together I jacked the table up and adjusted the feet to level the table .

I had not seen a DPT table with these legs on before , they look very much  the Spanish Sam manufactured tables legs  .

the upper body normally comes with legs on like this one , as you can see above the legs these are the same table .
it is called a DPT ELITE .
it looks like the american metal tube style legs are a more expensive option .