Supreme Pool Table Rental / hire . great deals in Nottingham & Derby , Great Professional League play tables from GCL billiards

We now have a stock of Supreme Winner and Prince Tables for  Table hire locally to us in Nottingham & Derby.
winners stabbo new type metal corner chrome plate
The supreme winners we have are the latest metal chrome corner in Black pearl satin  rather than the outgoing plastic chrome corner plate .
We also have one in mahogany wood grain finish.
and a mahogany wood grain Supreme Prince .

supplied with a league set of balls as well as a normal play set per year  , and recovering options for yearly or 6 monthly . 4 cue’s . triangle delivered and set up ready for play from just £15 per week * ( depending on recover option)
we are 100% cue sports maintenance fitters , and this ensures the best care and attention for your pool table while it is operated by GCL Billiards , unlike most rental/hire  firms we are not sidetracked by Fruit machine or juke boxes . we give 100% attention to your pool table making sure it is properly maintained , hiring on contract from GCL Billiards ensures your pool team have the best tables to play on and in many cases the best tables in the league .
We use Strachan 6811 cloth on all of our rental/hire tables , none of your thick woolly type cloth that is too slow to play on , we ensure your table is level and make regular checks to see that the table is playing 100% ok.
we can only do this by installing local to us , having tables miles away is not the way GCL Billiards work , we like to have a small circuit of tables that we can get to easy and quickly .
If your table is not being maintained to an acceptable standard then get the professional Pool table hire firm in GCL Billiards is the best locally and we stand by our reputation and feedback , we have tables in Pub’s club’s Work canteens , Hotels , in fact anywhere you want within reason.
The Supreme Tables are the market leaders and the preferred choice of professional pool players . want a quote for a hire table on your premises ? then get in touch with Geoff 07753466064 or email
pool tables finished @pavilion
These two Supreme Winner in black pearl are ready for rental , please call GCL Billiards for a quote NOW !
We have the superb top of the range Supreme Prince for hire too just in case you require the more Traditional looking turned leg type of table with wood grain finish , these tables have exactly the same type and size of slate and cushions that the winner has so play the same for trueness and bounce , the only difference is the cabinet  and leg shape and finish .
Comics two Prince tables
winner green mahogany

All tables come with mechanical coin mech’s and we have a set weekly hire not a 50/50 , this way you have the keys and you empty the takings , the cash box can be padlocked in and we also fit warning led alarm/ lights  to our tables both to cabinet and the cash box if required.
SUPREME tables that GCL billiards use are the same type as used in most top end clubs like this set up local to us and the same spec of cloth Strachan west of England 6811 grade cloth .
stapleford cue new pool area