Pool Table recovering in Nottingham / Derby / Lincoln / Leicester / Stafford / Stoke / Chesterfield and for surrounding area’s use GCL Billiards

We are very busy in our local area’s of Nottingham to East coast to Stoke to Northampton and south Sheffield  area’s and anywhere in the diamond of that area .
our pool table recovering is second to none , we recover your table to a high standard and this includes giving the interior a thorough clean out with ball rails washed down .
cueball derby wash out rails
we have worked for many of the top county players who have their own table at home
supreme winner large room slate just finished close up
our main choice of tables and that of semi pro and pro players is the supreme winner 7×4 foot .
littleover sc vac out table pocket corner
we remove all inner dust by vacuum and also wash out the ball rails and the side flip out tray .
nothing worse than a table with broken leveling feet caused by players bouncing a table up to try and dislodge a sticking ball of a ball rail .
west end clean side ball tray
another side tray cleaned out of all dust and grime
west end dirty side bgall tray
they are like this when we get there , months of grime and sweaty dusty wax substance that a ball can stop on .
cornwall bob 6811 stamp
we use a variety of cloth or recommended  cloth is this grade of Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz grade , but we also do a 29 oz and a 28 oz 6811 pool version .
jezza checking and adjusting level
and we check and adjust the level when we are finished , we are no hit and run firm .
Towers white pearl winner finished
stapleford cue new pool area
cueball pool room busy
and we have many of the top club’s in or area as Clients and they all recommend GCL billiards as the firm to trust to carry out your pool table recover .
super league finished table best shot
here are a few private owned tables we have renovated for our clients starting with an old Super league above in Burgundy cloth
King billy finished table balls et up
a lyme grove table in Golden yellow
pool table 6ft superleague almost finished
another super league this time in Red
pool table kegworth riley 7ft almost finished
an omega table in Green
cricket finished from baulk
A super league traditional in blue
glue on slate derby finished table
DPT table in Burgundy
genesis finished all 6 from bottom end
have we not mentioned we are also specialists at working on Sam K steel 9ft pool tbales
huck riely 8ft finished marked for snooker
and a pair of 8ft riley pool tbales
if you require your pool tbale recovering , then contact Geoff at GCL Billiards fr a full professional job , we not only re-cover we improve your table too .
we also replace rubber and whole cushion sets if required ,
cricket new cushions
a new set of cushions replaced .
re-rubber of pool cushions to black rubber
an old set of cushions re-rubbered , the old hard red rubber has been carefully taken off  and much better Black rubber put on the old cushion block and shaped at ends to original shape of pockets , or altered to customers own size spec’s .
outside table superleague new cushions
a new set of super league cushions , yes we can still get brand new super league cushions .
supreme hucknall new cushions fitted old red rubber
another cushion replacement old red rubber has gone rock hard
nice new set of black rubber cushions ready to recover .
Northern rubbered Pool cushions
we can also offer the ultimate upgrade in rubber to Best Black UK made Northern rubber , just ask Geoff for a price .
we also stock low cost imported ball sets and higher quality Aramith ball sets and also table covers plus club or rack cues .
just ask for a price , Geoff will also bring a selection of these with him if asked for you to choose on site .
Store racking stock in
a few sets of spare balls sets and other items that we keep in stock for our recovering work .
spare cushions . spare ball runs , brush , cover , chalk , rack pool cues two sizes , pocket liners , rubber to name just a few .
if we have time we can order anything you require that is available through Peradons or Suzo trade suppliers .
have a look through Peradon’s trade list we can order anything you choose from this trade list and have it delivered to you or if time to us for delivery when we carry out your table recovering .

link to Peradon’s trade list brochure http://www.peradon.co.uk/