Pool table recover in Leicestershire we are getting noticed in this county .

We have had an influx of work coming in from Leicestershire . this shows our recent push for work in this county is paying off , most of the work has come from recommendations which is the best way of getting noticed .
Two pool tables last week and now another one to do in Wigston a repeat customer from 1 year ago .
they may be older type tables and some have cushion problems , but we can refurbish both cloth and cushions .
the first we did last week was a Traditional Super League with old type cushion barrel screw fixings .
not a good way of fixing cushions on and they will have to be replaced next time with allen key bolt fixings .
super league trad recover strip
The table when stripped down showed the usual thing of spray on glue all over the face side of the slate from a speed fitter who recovered it last time .
This table was really bad in that several layers of glue had been applied over and over again as each re-cover had been done , acetone would not remove it , so i used goo old fashioned elbow grease and some coarse sand paper to make sure the pocket opening where free of glue under the cloth .
super league trad glue spray
A close look of the spray on glue , what a mess !
super league trad 6811 cloth
Having cleaned the slate and stripped the cushions of every staple , we used best quality Strachan 6811 grade pool cloth to recover , the club has Pool team and they wanted the best quality cloth than the standard Strachan 777 .
super league trad almost finished

the Table almost finished , we also cleaned all the ball rails and the side door tipping mech also cleaned up springs re-attached and sprayed coin mech with WD40

The next table was in an old out building being used as a garage in a Victorian house , there where some very large spiders in this table and the cloth was all moth eaten , I hate spiders !
shed pool striped down
The Pool table struipped down , it may be an old bench leg table but it plays well when it was finished .
shed pool 777 cloth stamp
The owner of this table wanted the budget cloth with longer nap ,although we call it our budget cloth it still has the Strachan name to it , but is the 777 grade .
This is slower than the Strachan 6811 and has a longer nap and is better for children as it will stand up to a bit more wear  , but do not expect a fast table when this is used.
shed pool finished table
The finished table , both customers where highly delighted with work GCL Billiards had carried out