Pool table recover , getting rid of the spray on glue ! and Level.

A pool table recover local to me , the slate again was covered with the spray on glue residue , this makes a ball down the side of the table roll into the table or snake , also around the pocket openings a slow ball could just put the brakes on as it rolls up to the lip of the old glue under the cloth.
Daybrook clean slate pool table

daybrook 2 clean slate

We erased as much glue as we could using acetone thinners, then sanded down the remaining to remove the glue from the playing area of the slate
At GCL billiards we use combed on contact adhesive , this is the best way to glue the cloth to the slate , is has high grab values and if put on the edge cannot interfere with the play field of the pool table. Spray on glue is not the way to put the bed cloth onto slate . it is a quick way of doing it and many speed fitters use this method of glueing as many slates as they can in one day .
after the re-cover we turn our attention to the level of the table , where many table fitters are out the door by now we take our time and get the table to it’s best level possible even if it means phoning up our next appointment later in the day to say we are running late .
on this table it was showing high on the glue before the re-cover , after the removal of the glue and new cloth we got the table level to 0.0 on the digital level .
Daybrook level side rail slate
The finished table ready and ready for League play that evening
daybrook finished level tablewe got the work through recommendation from another client , this is our testimony to a job well done , Recommendation is the best form of praise that we could hope for , it brings new clients to our door , and through this client we also hope for more re-covering of cue sports tables in and around the league .
we like to feel that we are the best in what we do and the No 1 choice, when I am looking for say an Ariel fitter or double glazing specialist , it is always a minefield of who to go to or who to trust , I think it is the same with re-covering of cue sports tables , and recommendation is the best form of advertising for us .
if you require your table re-covering or new rubber etc. , then contact Geoff on 07753466064 or email  c.large@btinternet.com