Pool Table re-cover this week in Newark and Derbyshire

Just a couple of pool tables that I did this week , that I have carried out between some snooker table work and re-cover’s
Supreme 6ft school recover finished
the first pool table was in my home town of Long Eaton at a well known private school , this one is in one of the residence houses and is a  6ft supreme Winner 1st edition recover in Green 777 Strachan cloth .
newark blue pool side level
And this old 7×4 table which I think is an old Lyme Grove table made in wales , the owner had taken all the trim off this table and sprayed it satin white , and with that Blue 777 Strachan cloth it is looking superb
My client had built a large garden sectional building at the bottom of his Garden in Newark , with giant screen projection TV and video games , and the place was very warm with just one oil filled radiator left on and a back up fan booster heater if required .
newark shed blue pool level
As always on my re-cover , I check and adjust for level , note my converted Mercedes jack that I use to lift the table up to allow adjustment of screw down feet .
I also fitted a new set of rubber corner pockets to this table .
and because it was a white table I also marked the baulk line out in white and used a white spot for the racking up of the balls .
who would believe this table is 30 years old ?