Pool table re-cover Stapleford cue club near Nottingham / Derby , hot out side Air conditioned inside !

Nice day today just one re-cover to do at Stapleford Nottingham  then work on some cushions at Home int he afternoon .
it was nice that Jed had the air condition units  serviced yesterday . out side was 27 deg and inside around 18 / 20 deg
The cold air was a welcome addition to yesterdays sweltering  job  .
Stabbo july 2016 start pool
this visit was to re-cloth a supreme winner in Strachan 6811 cloth
this photo before I started shows that some wear is still left in the cloth but there was an hole in one cushion and some sewn up work previously done .
stabbo cloth glued pool
cloth stripped off the slate bed and cleaned , then glue under cloth edge and edge of slate with contact adhesive .
stabbo pool cush staples out 2
every staple is removed , unlike other firms who leave them in and re-cover over the top we remove EVERY staple
stabbo pool done
The re-cloth completed , I also cleaned out the cabinet and ball rails and then checked level
there are 4 Supreme winner tables at this end of the Club , and 6 full size snooker tables taking up the rest of the room , plus the Bar area .