Pool table hire on going maintenance program to make sure your table always plays and looks good .

Last week we had a few Pool tables that we own and have out on contract hire, and the time had come up for their major work of a re-cover  .
We regularly maintain our hire tables to make sure our clients have a good table to play on at all time’s
We have two different types of contract hire where we re-cover and visit the table in a year , or re-cover twice and  service visit within a year  , we have site’s where there is not much use and others where there is plenty of use .
Gladstone hire table recover
We sometimes even have to remove the manufacturers over spray before attempting to put new cloth on the slate as was the case on this table having it’s first re-cover from Brand new
gladstone overspray manufacturer
If this over spray was not removed , the ball on slowing down to the pocket fall would suddenly roll off or stop , we use hand spread contact adhesive on all our UK pool table re-covers , this makes sure that the glue applied is put on the slate where we want it to go , unlike spray on glueing where you have no control of over spray unless you mask the area off .
and we mean the whole area , ball rails as well , this is why we do not use it , it may be quick but it is not as good as contact adhesive .
we take our time on re-covering and clean all table parts and check for level , sometimes the cabinet Bow’s  in the middle and we have to take the slate out and pack up the centre of the slate by stapling cloth strips to the main long central slate support bearers .  A common problem with most make of tables .
Gladstone hire table finished
The finished table ready for another season of Pool . We use Best quality Strachan 6811 on all our Pool table hire re-covers .
an upgrade from the original Strachan club cloth that was on it from new . Only the best for our Hire tables  and our Clients !

If you are thinking of getting  a hire table into your premises and you are located close to Nottingham and Derby say within a 20 mile radius   then choose the best firm to supply it and maintain it , we limit our area because we like to keep a good maintenance program , by not having to travel miles to get to our hire tables you can be assured our Hire service is spot on .

You may note that we are also Cue sport table specialists and have no interest in Gaming or juke box hire , we are the best because we know what we are doing on your hire table , unlike most Leisure hire firms we are time served Billiards fitters and recommended by the NBSA as competent fitters within the cue sport industry .
So it may be the case that you are dissatisfied with your leisure firms table hire and maintenance , it may be that you are tied in with the Fruit machines , just ask your Area manager if you can get a specialist hire firm in who would not poach any gaming machine hire rights and would make sure that the table is properly maintained  , we have a couple of hire tables out in managed pub’s  which this was the case . the hire firm where not skilled in the art of good cue sports table maintenance and we where allowed after the none stop complaints from Customers and Managers of the pub’s that they could not have a decent game of pool on loose cloths out of level and old falling apart tables , and we where allowed to hire a table out to them without upsetting the Main Machine operator as we are not interested in the gaming machine hire .
Our aim is to just have a small round of pool tables out there and make sure they are well maintained , we have set a limit of 40 to 50 tables to hire out only , make sure you are one of these well cared for Clients , by contacting GCL Billiards for your pool table hire and maintenance . Our hire rates start at £15.00p per week  for the superb Winner supreme 7×4 pool table as used in major UK tour tournaments around the UK and preferred choice of thousands of Pool players .

Photo’s below are the type of tables we hire out although most go for the satin black version as used on Pro tour’s , there maybe a few that opt for the Supreme Prince table which is a more traditional turned leg version in mahogany we some times stock these and we have a couple of these out on hire , but we prefer to stick to one design of the Superb Winner , They are the same table’s  inside it is only the cabinet design that differs , and Prince tables have a larger span between those turned legs and tend to sag in the middle , another reason why we prefer the winner model.

pool tables finished @pavilion

Beech Winner supreme 7ftBlack Supreme winner in bluewinner-finishes

All delivered and set up ready to earn money .
van sign writing back and passenger side