Pool table dismantle from loft 2 floors up to new games room in garden in Leicestershire

pool downstairs loft

Today I have been over to Leicestershire to help the owner bring down a 6ft pool table from the top attic floor of his large victorian house noted here.  When I got there it was obvious that the table had been put up there before the bannisters had been put in.  I got my rubber mallet and gently tapped out the mortice joint to the top rail of the bannister and removed the rails.  The table could now be brought down the first section of stairs.  The next obstacle was a bend and another bannister rail to take out and mule post.
pool down 2nd railoff

Then there was still another staircase after this 2nd bannister and mule post removal.  Finally getting the table to ground floor, we then put the table on a set of piano wheels and took it around the house to an outbuilding which is the new Games Room. For reliable and better flooring you can go on https://charlottencflooring.com/ and see the kind of floor you want.

I think we have demonstrated that GCL Billiards will do whatever it takes to get the job done.   Where other firms would refuse to do this, we accepted the challenge.  The bannisters went back together easily and now just require a rebated screw and a button to hide this to fix the top rail secure.  Then no one will ever know that it was removed in the first place.  The second mule post will have to be re-glued back in and the rails fixed back.  The owner of the house is doing this.

Below is a photo of the table after a re-cover in Strachan cloth in its new games room.
.pool table down in new room