Please no more inquiries for work before Christmas or New year we are fully booked out .

We have been inundated with work inquiries to be carried out before Christmas
my mobile message service and my email service is being bombarded with work request , it is good that people take notice of what GCL billiards is all about .
but it is getting stressful trying to reply and politely turning down work because we just do not have more free time left .

Unfortunately we are a small firm with one main billiards fitter and a few who help if required for moving and relocation of tables .
this means we cannot take on more work than we can actually carry out .
I would love to be able to take the work on , and I must admit have missed out on some really interesting job’s .
Next week I am off to France for three days on just one table install , fly out day / Work day / fly back day Luton to Nimes .
work like this LIMITS me to taking on more work as I am away for three days , where in the UK it would be one day only if local.

I would like to say to anyone wishing to use GCL billiards professional billiard fitting experience ….WE ARE WORTH WAITING FOR !
just email me at

and I will give you a date for work in the new year , But as we speak January is almost full up, we have just the odd day left .