Please do not leave messages while I am away !

Please do not leave messages while I am away on holiday , I cannot answer them and my phone will not take messages while I am away on holiday .
even though some one and the dogs are staying at Home they are under strict instructions to leave the business phone alone .
every one in Employment is entitled to 4 weeks holidays , just because I am self employed does not mean I have to work 6 to 7 days a week , 52 weeks of the year .
but you will be amazed at what some people think and expect from Me.

For the first time while on holiday .
I am not taking my phone with me so it is a waste of time trying to contact me and it is switched off until April 3rd .
it will not take messages so please do not leave any . it is programmed not to record any while I am away .

please get back in touch after April 3rd 2018 to be answered or booked in for work .

Please allow me at least a weeks break from Work , my body and mind needs it .
my arm and wrist is  damaged and needs a rest from tennis elbow pain .
too much repetitive strain and torn Tendon issues , from lifting heavy slate .
the time off now will be good for me .