Our most loyal client has another recover, from GCL Billiards for this keen snooker player

We have just completed a third re-cover for our most loyal client.  The table is a very nice Riley Aristocrat in light oak with the standard cushions but with match play 3.5 inch pocket openings.

Many snooker tournament finals have been played on this table over the last 3 years, the cloth of choice being the Strachan 6811 Tournament.  The trophy cabinet is full, but there are more out there in the hands of the winners.  There is even a NBSA Video link broadcasting some of the big Nottinghamshire finals that have been played on this table.

The room is at the bottom of our client’s garden and it is one of the best snooker rooms that I have worked in.  It has plenty of cue room and further space at one end for seating and storage.

Our client has been very busy in the local snooker leagues, having run many tournaments and manning the website.  He even found time to help set up my website and blog  that you are reading this report on now.

The table looks very nice in oak.  There are not many around in this finish, most are mahogany.  It is a very good table to work on as it is in mint condition.  We do have a small problem of slate sag although it is only a minor problem and we are working on slowly adjusting the middle slate supports upwards by a 1/4 turn of the bolts each month.  Over time this will slowly cure the slate sag.  Rather than try and do it all in one day, this must be done over time.  If you go too far the slate will rock and will not be seated on the outside of the frame.  Experience has proven it is best to adjust a little each month.

The first photo…just look at the cloth coming off.  Apart from a couple of cue stabs here and there the cloth is mint.  If anyone requires this cloth fitted to their table please contact me as it is up for grabs with a brand new set of cushion cloths.  It is nearly as good as a brand new cloth and you can save yourself some money off the price of a new recover.
Steves 3rd recover

The following photos show the table in stages of the re-cover, including check for level and skim slate joints, the cloth brand stamp, the finished table and the trophy cabinet.
steves 3rd recover bed off steves 3rd recover level and joints steves 3rd recover stamp 6811T steves 3rd recover table finished Steves 3rd recover trophy cabinet .