Only 13 days left of free work days in May and June for work bookings !

If you want work doing in the next two months get your finger out and book me , as we are VERY VERY BUSY .
for Snooker and Pool table work .

Due to 2 weeks holidays booked out in June and 1 weeks work already booked  in we are almost booked out right up to end of June
rest of March is booked out and April too .
We have 6 days free in May
And we have only 5 days left in June
Work just seems to keep coming in .

I do not like turning work away , but there seems to be a shortage of billiard fitters as I seem to get a fair share of work outside my area .
Either  that or my pricing is good .even with the recent cloth price increase of Strachan cloth .

Lifting heavy slates can sometimes take it out on elbow and finger and wrist joints
and as I get older I have been feeling aches and pains in those areas .
but I still carry on , but I am now turning down some multi floor installs .

That is unless I can use one of these , and there is access to get one in .
or you have a lift ?

My main work is re-covering all types of cue sports tables .
it gets that busy that I cannot even answer the phone during working hours , I have to look for messages in the evening .
I am not being ignorant , I just have to crack on and get the work done , then do the office and phoning work later in the day .

As you can see I am looking a bit old and haggard these days .

unlike just a few years ago I looked like this .
so please Bear with me , to get you booked in , I am worth waiting for .
and plan to carry on until I am at least 70 years old .
I have a few years left before I get near that age.

I have even been missing midweek games of my favorite sport Ice hockey because of work commitment and being so busy .
A long time season ticket holder since 1980s
I have hardly missed a home game but this year , I just could not get to see that many midweek games because of work commitments .