On holiday next week in Tenerife

Due to my OTHER HALF booking a holiday in our favourite resort in Tenerife, she has forced me into a break, even though the phone is still ringing with work coming in.  So we will not be available from Tuesday of next week the 2nd of July right through to Friday the following week, the 12th of July.  But my daughter is manning my mobile phone and the home phone for any work that may come in for the remaining FREE DAYS of July and August.  I would like to thank Steve and the Nottingham Snooker Academy for letting me move the recover dates for the 3rd recover so this enabled myself and Carol to jet off for some much earned sun and sea plus our favorite watering hole the Whisky Jar pub.

Yesterday I had a repeat booking for a full size table recover in Nottingham.  This venue has a re-cover every 8 months on a full sized snooker table.  They have three tables and rotate the recover so that they get one done every 2 years, one per 8 month period.  We also service the other two when we are there.
three tables maintained
Today my new van had to go back in to have a noisy fuel pump replaced, but they ordered the wrong pump so have to wait another day.  I am in a little Astra van until I get the Movano back.

I have just agreed to have the van sign written with pool balls on the side and a snooker theme on the rear, have a look at the photos of the final design.
van design sign written final
The van is being sign written and wrapped when I am away on holiday, so look out for our bright design on the road.  We are sure to get noticed with this art work, and it is all free advertising.