On holiday for a week no emails or telephone calls will be answered until after Easter .

We are away for a week although someone will be at home all week as not all are going on this trip ,  they will not answer the phone or take emails while we are away .
we will be back for Easter but will still be on official holidays as it is Ice Hockey finals weekend in Nottingham and we do not miss that .
Sorry if you are waiting for a quote or would like some questions answered on your cue sports tables .
but this trip has been planned a long while and is a family celebration so we do not wish to mix the business with pleasure while we are on holiday and would appreciate a break from work in total .
for this period .
I will also warn people we are taking two weeks off for an Holiday in June too .
please read our other current post about work booked in and the few days we have left for work to be booked in for May and June .
March and April is fully booked out .

some sun is urgently required to recharge my Batteries for the busy months ahead A surprise destination for my wife’s 60th Birthday treat