Off to France working all next week I will not be available . 18th to 22nd September 2017

I have a trip out to a village near Toulouse France and have a small job on Monday the 18th before I fly out on Tuesday the 19th September 2017.
I will not be back to answer emails or the phone calls until late Friday the 22nd of September 2017 .
Please do not try the mobile number as it will be out of use until I get back from France.

now and again a little trip to the continent is required , I do not take many of these job’s on .
they take much of my valuable time traveling rather than working on the stacking up back log of work here in the UK .
But Billiard fitters are very hard to find in France , and unless based over there any work is expensive .
I charge a day rate and that rate is based on the work I may miss out on here in the UK while working abroad and if Flights take up a days rates then I’m afraid i have to charge for the days flying too .
plus any expenses such as air flights insurance and taxi’s transfers from Nottingham to Birmingham or any UK Airport  .
plus accommodation and food .
This week I am flying from Birmingham to Toulouse in the south of France to do an insurance job on a water damaged table .
this is only one days work but it will take up three days with the traveling and flight times .

as you can see traveling to the south of France is a fair distance .
and one I would not do by car van or train today , mainly because of migrants damaging the van , but also the hassle of road tolls
As for Trains how long will it take to travel from Nottingham to  London then across to say Paris then onto the south of France .
and I have been asked to do this from one client , thankfully not this one .
Toulouse is right down in the lower mid left of France , not far from the border of Spain .
I do not like driving on the left anymore , I have done it many times in the past , but as you get older you find it more tiresome .
I may have another job in the south of France later this year or early next year .
It all depends on costings . and if I am too busy pulling the back log of work that is always coming in .
I have a couple of days left in November which will have to be local work then my next days is in December .