This will take a full 10 days to clear up before I am safe to mix again so count from March 27th although I did come down with a fever on March 26th .
this put me back on course to start back to work on the 5th ot 6th of April

First time I have tested positive for covid and the whole household has it ( three of us )
This will mean I will have to contact some of you to rearrange work .
Some will not be affected it all depends how long I am feeling ill and the protocol of returning to work after covid .
I have a couple of confirmed hotel booked jobs these are a few weeks away and will not be affected and because of the hotel booking will not be altered .
There is one Job in Leicester that I am half way through table wise and still have two more days to complete that one , that will be no one first on the list to be rearranged but at the moment is on course for April 5th and this will mean other jobs bumped backwards to fit this one in if I have to cancel it ..
If it is a pool table re-cloth on private owned tables , I have alternative firms that will take these on if you cannot wait but I like to think you will wait a bit longer for me .
this could not have hit me at the wort time as I am due to go away in May for two weeks and booked out when I get back for the entire month of may , I now have the headache of trying to fit 6 weeks of work into 4 weeks , I know it cannot be done , but I will clear as much of the back log as I can .


Geoff & Carol Large
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