Off on our travels tomorrow, to Hayle in Cornwall to work on a full size Snooker Table I last worked on 8 to 9 years ago

I have just got the go ahead off an Insurance company loss adjuster to carry out a dismantle in Cornwall due to flood damage of building and flooring .
I installed this table around 8 years ago with a set up plus re-rubber and re-cover and did that work over 3 to 4 days if I recall including the traveling .
, this time I have to dismantle and at the same time re-cover the cushions to save time on the next trip down there to set it back up again .
I will be stopping overnight and will be back late Wednesday evening the 6th of April , I will be out of the office and therefore will not be answering emails or office phone calls for a couple of days
but you can reach me on my mobile 07753466064 if necessary or urgent  when I am driving , as I have a hands free system in my car , but please do not phone if it can wait until I get back Thursday 7th april .
Hayle is just outside St Ives , so it around 6 hours driving down there and 6 hours back , and I have to do that twice to complete this job .
unfortunately I cannot find any photo’s that I took of the table last time I was down there as they are on my old and now scrapped computer, but I know I used the pocket opening on one of my postcard flyers 4 years ago
showing that the Billiards table was indeed a very old Billiards top plate type pre 1895 and was a burroughs and watts .
I wanted to use a photo of a table I had worked on that was more traditional rather than a modern table type .
GCL post card cornwall hayle table
I will update some photo’s when I get back , on dismantle and again on assemble and re-cover in a few weeks time .
Bob amos table Hayle
This is the table located in Hayle in cornwall I installed 8 years ago , before the room was flooded by 4 inch of water
Baulk line re-cover june 2015 Geoff on cushion strip

Update of dismantle , all went well I opened up the pocket openings on strip down and also re-covered the cushions , this will save time on the assemble when I return in late May after the room is fully repaired and decorated , this damage was all caused by flash flooding and the room was under 4 inch of water when this occurred .
I also will re-drill out 3 nut lugs in the slate and replace as there is 3 snapped off cushion bolts to replace plus adjust the pocket openings at the same time Free of charge.
This table had an odd slate which I reminded my client about . and warned him about sub contract speed fitters , and firms who employ subcontractors .
the work was tendered out to three firms , one firm under quoted and was sending a Sub contractor to do the work from the Bristol area , my client was very suspect of this low price and did his own sums for traveling and also the re-cover work , the sums did not add up to do the work at that price and do it well to a high standard with first grade Strachan cloth  .
The other firm put in around the same quote as GCL Billiards and also warned of sub contract fitters or pool tbale fitters not trained on snooker tables who speedfit and have no interest in taking their time to do an excellent job
My Client from past experience asked the insurance loss adjuster to favour Geoff Large at GCL billiards to do the work , and I am grateful for this  and they took his advice and appointed GCL billiards to carry this work out .
When  I started GCL Billiards four years ago , I decided I would not subcontract out to any firm and stand on my own , it was important to me to build my own reputation and build a Brand name to trust in the Billiards snooker and pool table service industry just like the old Billiard firms used to.
I know firms that use many UK based sub contract labour and have no employees at all , and believe me it is a minefield when work goes wrong as each blame each other for the problems of speed work or work ethics , and you are left in the middle with faulty work not knowing who to turn to , and from experience it is firms like mine that have to put their bad work right when  they cannot get them to come back .
by dealing with a firm that is directly responsible for the workmanship you know you are going to get a much better job done .
GCL billiards and Geoff Large is the Person and Firm to trust in the billiard and snooker / pool table maintenance business , we have many referrals from Clients and trade suppliers of good workmanship being carried out .
I have a reputation to keep and I treasure that more than money  , so that is why I will not sell myself out to any firm to carry out work that I can do direct , it is just not good business ethics.
as you can see I also look to make this table better by replacing those three cushion bolts and opening the pockets up to suit our client FREE of charge , you would not get that sort of enthusiasm from a subcontractor or speed fitter .
Geoff has now been a Billiards fitter since the mid 1970s when he first started work for his uncle before moving on to a more established billiards firm , this year Geoff celebrated personally being in the Billiards snooker and Pool Mantenance industry for 40 years .
there are not many time served Billiards Fitters still working today that can say the same , I only know a handful .
pallaetized 10ft K&H being strapped