Northampton snooker club Recover of Match table in Strachan 6811 tournament 30 oz all wool fine napped cloth

I have been over to Northampton again to visit Coopers snooker club
My instructions where to re-cover the match table with Strachan 6811 30 oz all wool cloth
coop northampton aug 2015 split cushions
The main reason for the re-cover was that the cushions where splitting , this was caused by two things
Sharp angle of undercut from a previous fitter , which is only rectified with a new set of rubbers and cut to modern undercut  with flat face all the way into the back angle of the pocket
all sharp rubber to be sanded to remove sharp edge .
lough riley new rubber angle
re-rubber undercutt smooth 2
The above photo’s of the way I undercut and finish the sharp edges of rubber off , before I recover the cushions
the other reason for splitting cushion cloth  was the iron has also been rubbing against the cushion cloth , this has now been rectified with instructions to all who iron the tables to be 1/8th of an inch away from the cushion when using an iron  .
coop northampton match finished aug 2015
the finished table , new Strachan 6811 tournament cloth fitted and checked for level .
I was also asked to re-cover three cushions on two other tables that had split cushions and one with cloth coming out of slip
and also to level an american pool table frame put the slates on level and fill slate joints , and  re-fit the old bed cloth back on and re-spot .
I am now suffering as I tweaked my back lifting the slates onto this american pool table , and I have now taken the next day off before the weekend to rest it , and rearranged that working day for later in the month .
I have a full size Snooker table to dismantle transport and install next week in Scotland , so the rest is necessary .
coop american bare slate
the type of slates that damaged my Back , not thick or heavy like a full size snooker table , but I had to lift these up from the floor and this is where the damage was caused
I normally lift off a piano trolley and pivot the weight not actually lift it .
A three to four day rest is going to give it time to repair itself though and I will be ready for Scotland next Tuesday and Wednesday for a dismantle transport and install of a full size snooker table
that was actually a Free table that was advertised on my web site
Scotland riley sqaure leg Free whole table
Nest week we have this full size to dismantle and deliver in Scotland which was advertised for Free .
from ground floor bungalow to upstairs above a Garage , with the help of an extending beam  fork lift for the slates !
Something like this