NO HOME OFFICE TELEPHONE CONNECTION …for the next few days faulty connection .

We are having problems with a line connection to our office telephone at home so our land line number is out of action
until an engineer can come out to us on Wednesday the 12th May .
The surprising thing is …our internet connection is unaffected,  it is just the phone line connection from your end it seems we are engaged all the time .
BT say this can happen ?
My mobile is ok though but I can only answer that if not hands  on a job which most of the time I am unloading lifting slates in or fitting cloth on tables .  07753 466064
My email is working ok and that is the best way to contact me at the moment .
But we are fully booked out now until June 21st , I am having some major work done on the house for the next two weeks so I am taking most of that time off
and also I have a weeks Holiday in Devon end of May for a week too .
I do have back up Recommended fitters from other firms though if work is Urgent , these are third party fitters and nothing to do with GCL Billiards though .
they are there for overflow work I cannot fit in , or if you cannot wait for me to do the work .

BT Xenon 1500 Cordless Telephone with Answering Machine - Single Handset | Robert Dyas