New phone after holidays ….lost messages

I have bought a new phone and on swap over lost all my messages and what’s app messages too .
if you have sent a message over the last month while I have been away on Holiday and are awaiting reply please resend , if sending a photo of a table please add some message with it , what this photo inquiry is all about , I get hundreds of photos sent of tables with no messages ????
how am I supposed to know what I am looking at the pool or snooker table for ?
it could be for work on it or the table is for sale ?
for example 6 people phone about a table some may want a re-cloth and other work , others may want to sell it and place it on my web site, I say send me a photo of the table and I will answer any questions , all 6 send photos but no dialogue with them ? but no Questions or where the table is located , any stairs etc .


Geoff Large
GCL billiards