More Snooker Pool table work for GCL Billiards in Nottingham Derby and Lincolnshire for April and May

Having just completed the large Snooker Club installations in the centre of Nottingham, we move onto a run of pool table re-covering in Derby and Nottingham.  Then we re-rubber, re-cover, nets and leathers on a full size snooker table  in Nottingham.  We then move onto Lincolnshire for another re-rubber and re-cover, this time on a 10ft, before ending back in Basford, Nottingham to work on another pool table.

The phone is busy and work is still coming in, but we still have some days spare in May to fill.

We are still hoping to get more work in from Leicestershire and the West Midlands, so if you are thinking of having work done to your cue sports table, we are just an email or phone call away.
Hidden spot match table 2

A recent re-cover in 6811 Tournament Strachan cloth, with new extra extra broad bow leathers and nets.  The pocket size on this table is 3 inches and 5/8ths at the drop, whereas a standard match table is closer to 3 and a half inches at the drop.