More Pro Lighting fitted + recover full size snooker table and new nets and leathers

Derby F table old shade

Above: the old coffin shade and old cloth, nets and leathers.

Today we have been fitting a set of new high frequency pro lighting to another club in Derby.  We also recovered the table in Strachan 6811 Tournament 100% wool cloth, no mixed fibres with this cloth, just pure 100% new wool.  To top it off we fitted a new set of nets and leathers.

The two league teams that play out of this club are really spoilt.  No more dark, dingy table and no long egg shaped shadows under the balls.  These lights really get into every corner of the table including right under the cushions.  They reduce glare and with the soft white tubes they are easy on the eye.

derby f new lights

Above: the new pro lighting, new Strachan 6811 Tournament pure wool cloth, plus new nets and leathers.  Table checked and adjusted for level and re-tipped 10 cues.

As you can see, the effect of not having a heavy coffin type shade hanging close to the snooker table’s bed cloth really opens the room up.  The table looks more inviting to play.  The old shade ran on 5 x 100 watt bulbs (total of 500 watts energy used).  The new lighting runs on a total of just 232 watts energy used.  A saving of 268 watts!  So fitting these light units can also save the club money in the long run and will soon cover the cost of fitting them.

uk ***Our light units are UK manufactured ***

they are None flicker high Frequency units , do not confuse them with lower cost imported lighting , and the old side starter units that flicker , these are the future of cue sports lighting . Our price is very competitive and if local we always help fit them . providing table covers and level of the table after fitting by a professional billiards fitter.

Below is a photograph of another Derby club that has seen the light, plus two Nottinghamshire based clubs that have also had the light units fitted.

Get in touch with GCL BILLIARDS to have your table converted over to the new Pro Lighting.  The best time to have these lights fitted is at the same time as recover of the bed and cushions, or on a stretch bed cloth, or on a table installation.


Newark pool table x 6 area
Cue club match table
Pro lighting Derby 2