Look at this very badly made nailed on cushions on an 8ft snooker table re-cover in Leicestershire today.

I have been over to a small village near Melton Mowbray today to re-cover an 8ft snooker table
The client bought this table in australia and had it shipped back with other furniture when they returned to the uk
8ft nailed on blocks just sepperated
I have come across this type of table manufacture before , and even full size snooker tables have been manufactured this way back in the 1980s
when every man and his dog had a go at making snooker tables , this is one of the worst ways of table manufacture
you can compare it to those wood bed Argos tables that are just throw away tables as the cost of re-cover is greater than replacing .
as you can see from the photo above you simply prise the cushion off the wood surround, and find they have been air gun nailed on !
a simple rebate and cloth slip is all that is required at the manufacture to make this cushion a more easy way to re-cover .
this procedure would have been one pass down a spindle moulder of each rubber block .
8ft nailed cushions block end of cush short
they even made them short , just look at this centre pocket , the ball would be hitting the wood ,
this is not the correct way to cover cushions and the block should reach the end of the woodwork.
8ft nailed on blocks recovered cushion end
I manged to realign the cushion block and recovered like this , the end of the cushion has cloth all the way down
8ft nailed finished close up
the finished table re-covered in Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz all wool cloth
my client was delighted with the re-cover , and took note of the bad workmanship that I had showed her
the table is for a christmas get together , and the old cloth was looking really shoddy and worn out .
We prefer to work on proper made tables , but where not put off by this badly made table
it took a little longer to re-cover , and I think they will enjoy playing on it over christmas .