Local Pool table re-cover and clean out of table in Nottinghamshire

We have just visited a regular client of ours who has a re-cover of their pool table every six months
we strip all staples out of cushions and re cloth in 6811 Strachan pool cloth .
west end start cushions off slate to one side
The table a Supreme Prince 7×4 ready to be stripped of cloth

west end dirty side bgall tray
in just 6 months use the ball tray has signs of wax dirt build up from sweat off hands and cloth shedding
a very dirty side ball tray
west end clean side ball tray
The same ball tray after washing down in hot water with a little detergent , now the balls will not stick on any muck
the same clean out for the ball runs is also carried out
west end pool recover finished
The finished table , our client was complaining of coin not being dropped into cash box yet balls are being dispensed resulting in free games
this is a very well known trick that people know about , if the side spring breaks on a coin mech then the anti draw back system will not work , once  anew spring was inserted the coin mech was anti cheat once again ….much to the disappointment of the players who knew this trick .
if you have this problem it is a simple fix contact Geoff at GCL Billiards for recovering and repairing of your supreme pool tables .