Local club has Snooker table Re-rubber and Re-cover in Nottingham

We have just completed a re-rubber and a re-cover for a local club in the Nottingham Area
The table is an old Burroughs and watts with modern titan branded cushions , we suspect the cushions where imported by titan from china .
These cushions having been fitted around 1999.
WBL table before
the photo above before we stripped it down for the re-rubber in best Northern Rubber made in Retford Nottinghamshire and as used by the top playing tournaments and tables.
Below photo, the pockets before we started where measured and found to be 3 inch and 9/16ths at the fall on very thin worn cloth , we where asked to replicate the original pocket angles and size on the new rubber .
WBL pocket opening three and nine sixteenths
and the pocket when we finished the recover and re-rubber was till the same size . We also renewed the nets and leathers .
WBL corner pocket still 3 and three  16teenths
the rubber we use on all Snooker tables is Northern Rubber and it comes with a manufacturers month and year it was made stamped onto the top of each piece .
This set being manufactured in July 2013 , which is only a few months ago that it left the Northern rubber Factory in Retford . it was then sold to our Trade stockist Peradon , then sold to GCL billiards ready to fit to our clients table , we try to order rubber that is current year dated and as new as possible .
This rubber has a life span of between 15 to 25 years depending on how it is treated and temperature of the room the table is kept in .
it does not come cut ready to Glue fit , this has to be Glued on then cut and hand rasped and sanded  to a template either cardboard copy of original pocket openings or to official match templates   by the Time served billiards fitter and is one of the most skilled job’s that the fitter has to learn .
WBL northerrn rubber date 2013 july
On strip down we found it to have the lowest quality in Strachan range cloth fitted , it was their special grade and a quick look at this web page and you can clearly see the grades listed

Strachan listing from top grade to bottom grade is as follows.
1/  Number 10 as used by professionals
2/ 6811 tournament 30 oz as used by IBSF tournaments …this is my main recommended cloth for clubs and private house’s.
3/ 6811 Tournament 32 oz longer lasting version of 30 oz but slower .
4/ New club 6811 cloth , faster version of normal club 6811
5/  6811 original club cloth , long lasting long nap , OK for club use but not that much lower priced than 6811 tournament , my advice for the extra few £’s go for the better cloth
6/  STRACHAN SPECIAL Long lasting heavyweight cloth .
7/Sub substandard cloth , this is rejected by Strachan as cloth with a fault in , normally has SUBSTANDARD over the top of the iron on West of England  transfer , we can get this but it only works out at around £40 saved over 6811 tournament using this substandard cloth , my recommendation unless you are a snooker club with around 12 tables the saving is just not worth it .
not always available , but we can get it . I do not like using substandard cloths but have included it because some fitters undercut my first grade price by saying they are fitting 6811 tournament Strachan , they are but they do not tell you it is substandard and that is why they are £40 lower priced than using 6811 tournament 30 0z good grade.

Also from above list you may note that 4 cloth grades carry the same 6811 grade number , I use the best grade 99% of the time  , when getting quotes always ask for the top grade 6811 , the lower priced 6811 cloth may result in you thinking you are being ripped off as you may think you are getting the best grade 6811  , confusing I know , why they just cannot number the cloth from 1 to 6 ? it would make like so much simple to understand the grades and the position they  hold in the listings .

As you can see from this listing special is at the bottom of the list and is only described as heavyweight and long life , not the best cloth to play on and also not used at any major tournaments .
WBL old cloth special strachan
We fitted the Strachan 6811 Tournament 30 oz weight which is Strachan s next to top cloth grade , this cloth is used by many clubs as a good cloth to play on , and is used by the IBSF for exclusive use at the World championships and the Asian and European snooker championships  , we could have fitted Strachan Number 10 as used on TV tables , but this is very thin and would not last the club very long , No 10 is only for around 6 months to a years use , it is very thin and just would not stand up to the rough world of club snooker use. it is also very expensive and costs around £550 /£600 to have a table recovered in No10 so almost double the cost of 6811 tournament . Did you know they recover the tables on TV tournaments every three days , that’s why they play without spots and the cloth can be very fast and thin ?
WBL new cloth 6811 gold tournament 30 oz
the next photo is of the cushions all having been fitted and pockets shaped with the new rubber ,
WBL Cushions rerubbered
Just to show we also use the 6811 Tournament 30 oz on the cushions , the next photo shows it being fitted to a cushion and the wood retaining slip is inserted , you can clearly see the cloth transfer on this piece.
WBL slip in 6811 cloth
the next photo is of the finished table , showing all nets and leathers had been replaced , the table had one cushion bolt missing which we also replaced , a broken ball rail replaced .
WBL finished table .
If you have a table that requires this type of work , then please contact Geoff on 07753466064 or email at c.large@btinternet.com
We will be happy to quote you . our main area is the East Midlands surrounding counties , but we do venture out further just call us and we will let you know if we can do the work .
This run up to Christmas has Snooker and pool table work that involves Ashbourne , Perth in Scotland , North London , Colwyn Bay Wales , Clitheroe , Scunthorpe, Skegness , Newark , Leicester , Derbyshire , Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire .