Last fitting of Full size snooker table before Christmas …GCL billiards is now closed until January 4th 2016 for Christmas and new year holidays .

I have just fitted a full size snooker table into an upstairs location for our client
this was not an easy install we had to get a telehandler forklift in , this had an extending beam fork and can be extended to an high area
tim oak telehandler
the type of telehandler that we used for this install
tim oak scroll through this window above bush van
the table in parts had to be lifted up to the window at the side of the chimney , above the laurel Bush
tim oak scroll it came through this window
the slates were passed through this window to the second floor loft area
Tim oak scroll table finished 1
this table was acquired through GCL billiards for sale section , our client having spoke to the seller direct and agreed a price that can only be described as a Bargain
but in today’s market it is very difficult to move full sized tables on and that is why it was sold at the lower price , if my selling client had time he could have got a higher offer ,
but it was costing money each month to store in those storage containers , around £140 a month !
tim oak scroll table packing legs 2
The floor in this 18th century House, was not level so we had to custom make some square packing to get the table to sit level .
these will be painted matt black , and our client is fitting carpet tiles under the table and having a fitted carpet around the table .
he also had a ply sub floor laid over the top of the boards to strengthen the floor for the table to sit on. there are thick beams below this floor so the table is solid .
and will not sag or suffer from bounce as you walk around .
Tim oak scroll fin 3
this Burroughs and watts table is an oak table, having unusual square column carved legs that look very chunky and solid
the home that it originally came from , the owner hardly used it and the cloth was in as new condition .
tim oak scroll covered 4
On completion we supplied a new dust cover as the one that came with the table was a low quality plastic type
the fabric one we supplied allows the cloth to breath and if any heat is used under the table it also allows any cold damp conditions to pass through it ,
therefore not trapping it on the playing surface which is 100% pure new napped wool , this would make the playing surface very slow so these fabric type covers are good for your table .
Dorset ornate table Mr Roberts
you may have read in a previous post that we dismantled this table for the selling client and put it into their container storage in Dorset
this photo shows the original photo of it’s previous life .
our buying client is delighted with his purchase and with how GCL billiards have completed the task of install
we did have the help of our client who had made a special platform with rollers to pass each slate safely through that window .
Tim oak platform for slate
this is the platform that our buying client ( Tim ) made himself this made passing the slate up to that window and sliding off onto piano trolley a simple procedure
without this , it could have been very dangerous to try and just reach out of that opening and slide them off a pallet .
This was a two day job , I started out at 5am on Tuesday on my way down to dorset to arrive at the storage depot to pick the table up at 9am .
I then followed  Tim back to near Bristol on the M5 not far from michael woods service area , we had the frame and slate’s on, joints filled and sanded and level by 6 pm
and then stayed overnight with our client who wined and dined me at the local pub with his Partner and Family , and today I finished the table install off .
I would like to thank Tim and Sue and Family for making me welcome and making me feel at ease , it was a pleasure working for such clients and a very nice table ,
probably one of the best I have fitted this year .
I am sure Tim will get some use out of this , it was the last owners pride and joy and I think Tim will treasure it just the same .