Last Coin op winner in Black Pearl available before Christmas and new year ! Now sited on Rental Contract in Matlock Derbyshire .

I had an enquiry for a Rental pool table last Friday , so I phoned up the supreme Factory in Heywood  to order a table for this new site
I was shocked when I found out that no Supreme winners where available until after the new year .
I suspect this is down to Christmas orders for free play winners for Home use and Christmas presents , once they set their table manufacturing machines up for home use tables you have to wait for the target volume of free play tables to be reached before they reset back up for coin op tables , then there is the colour of cabinet change overs too so if you wanted one in Black and they are on a white run you have to wait until that target order of white  is finished  .
Add to this around 8 cabinet finishes and colour ranges and you may be waiting some time for an order you have put in , and I haven’t mentioned 6ft and 7ft version change overs .
so popular is this make and style of pool table they are working at full capacity and cannot keep up with demand , you have to be really lucky that you drop an order in at the right time to get the colour and coin op version we require .
Lucky for me I had another supplier/ Supreme stockist who just by chance had stock piled a couple of Coin operated tables and they kindly let me have one in the Black pearl finish that we and players favour. .
last winner coin op in uk 2
GCL billiards latest rental site near Matlock in Derbyshire , a brand new Winner supreme probably the last one available in the UK before Christmas , all others in production at this moment in time have already been spoken for up until the New year !
last winner in black pearl matlock
The owner of this establishment was very grateful for us pulling out all the stops to locate a table for him .
I am going to invest in having a couple in stock all the time for my rental business , as the demand is outstripping supply .
I have people phoning me up asking if I can get them one , but I am afraid I only had one lucky chance at getting this one in .
GCL Billiards is expanding every month in the Rental pool table business , we are getting a very nice sizable round of pool table sites from Coventry to Matlock
but the majority of our rental sites are in Nottingham and Derby area .
if you are looking for a pool, table for hire , then give Geoff a ring on 07753466064 , we cannot guarantee a table before Christmas but we should be getting a couple in for January .