Large 8ft by 4 ft Sir Willaim Bentley billiards Dining snooker table for sale , Dual purpose , Attractive piece of Dining furniture that turns into a snooker table

We have a Client ( Julie) who requires a buyer for her very nice Sir William Bentley Billiard Dining table.
We have been instructed that a price of £1500 will take the table , which is a fraction of the price paid to Sir William Bentley billiards when new .
please study the following photo’s that Julie has provided to see just how nice this Dining table is
Being 8ft by 4ft it is around the largest you can buy and I have seen these tables in the original riley format sell for £5000 when fully renovated including delivery and I know that is around the price Sir William Bentley billiards sell them for too .
My buyer is realistic and knows during these times that that a high price is unrealistic so at just £1500 this should be an easy sale . it is priced to sell !
Please bare in mind that to remove a one piece dining table like this can take up to 4 men as that slate is very heavy .
A full size snooker table is actually more manageable to move than a one piece 8ft slate bed.
Also ask Julie if any stairs are involved as this can be a very big problem with one piece slate beds that do not bend to go around corners !
3 to 4 men are often required even on flat ground for these heavy one piece slate beds .
due to the highly polished nature of this table everything will have to be bubble wrapped to ensure the table does not get marked during transit , a cost of bubble wrapping to be met by the buyer .
We feel that the asking price is a good one based on the average cost to move a table like this and the extra cost of more men .
even with these costs added the total will be way below what the new cost of this table was.


Sir willaim diner julie Sir willam diner 3 sir willam diner julie 2 sir william diner 4 sir william diner 5
PLEASE NOTE the sale does not include dismantle transport or delivery , please ask Geoff at GCL Billiards for a price , please inform of any obstacles  like stairs soft ground grass gravel or steps that this table has to go over at assembly end , also post code .
We will be happy to quote for any removal work for this table .
*** the seller may have a bit of a bonus to offer any buyer saving you even further money , what this bonus is ? ….ask the seller to find out
Contact Geoff at GCL billiards for sellers contact details .